Monday, June 4, 2012


I got this thing for buttplugs. I've been wearing them ever since I was 14. I remember when I first got one. I walked into the sexshop, and the owner of the shop looked at me kinde surprised. I looked around a little, looking for a new thrill in my masturbation sessions. I already had a vibrator, so I was just looking for an adition to that. Something I could use while I was using my vibrator. At first I looked around a bit at some clitstimulators, but I reasoned I needed two hands to work both my vibrator and a clitstimulator. And since I wanted one of my hands free to use on my nipples, to pinch them, that was out of the question. I needed something I could use, something I could put on or in, which I could just leave there, and didn't have to worry about falling out, like a vibrator or dildo would.
Than my eyes fell onto this buttplug set. It was a startersset, with a small, medium and large buttplug inside, for a reasonable price. Now I didn't have any experience with anal sex, I hadn't even tried fingering my ass before, but I knew it was something that was high on the whishlist of a lot of guys, so I decided to give it a try.

Ever since then, I've had a special place in my heart for my buttplug. I started out first by fingering my ass, which felt kinda weird at first, but weird not in an unpleasant way. After one finger, I tried two, and that went pretty easy, easier than the first finger. Than I tried the small buttplug, which went pretty easy as well. After a couple of months I tried the medium plug.
Now, the thing you have to remember, is that no matter how much times you do anal, your asshole stays as tight as it is. The only thing you can do, is get used to the feeling of anal. There's no such thing as training someone's ass, or stretching it. If there's any strech at all, it only last for a couple of minutes at most. After all, if your ass would get streched out after a while, it wouldn't be able to stop you from shitting everywhere.
But going back to the sexy side of this story again, the first time with my medium buttplug hurt. I took it slow, and even though I've been using the small buttplug for months, it still wasn't easy. But I was fixed on doing it. It hurt, not extremely much, but it wasn't pleasant the first time. After that, it became easier. Not that my asshole got more streched, or less tight, I just got used to the feeling. In fact, I started loving the feeling.

By the time I was 16, I was a lot into experimenting. And I also did that with my buttplug. As anal stimulation turned me on, I thought it would be a nice idea to make it a little bit more kinkier, and wear it to high school one day. I tried out some different outfits, being affraid (and with reason as it appeared later) that it would show very easy. I found out trousers and jeans would show it too much, but a loose skirt or dress was fine, and you couldn't see a thing.
The first day I wore it, I almost couldn't sit. It sounds strange, but I never figured that would be a problem, but as it seemed it did. So I bought myself a new buttplug, got rid of the old ones, since they where of fairly cheap material, and bought myself a rosebud. Now a rosebud is just a metal buttplug (you see, better material here), with a fake gem at the end of the plug sticking out. It just gives a nice touch and look to the buttplug once it's inside you. Being a dirty, horny, slutty girl, doesn't mean your buttplug can't look fashionable.

A rosebud

And ever since that day, me and my rosebud have been buddies. I wear it often it bed, sometimes to college, and a lot when I masturbate. Now the thing you have to understand, is that the buttplug doesn't make me cum or anything. It's just some stimulation. It's like someone licking your nipple, it's a turn on, but not quite like masturbating itself. Though it helps out a lot with masturbation, as it stimulates my asshole as I masturbate myself, giving it a hightened feeling.
So yes, I love buttplugs. More women should. It's a great way to get used to anal sex, and something nice to start with. I've heard too many stories of guys jus trying to stick their dicks into girls asses. Guys, it doesn't work that way. Give her a small present, in the form a buttplug, a small one first. Let her get used to it, before moving on to a larger plug, and then you can try sticking your fleshy items into places most girls don't like. Trust me, you'll thank me later for it.

With love and kisses,

Alicia Casiraghi

P.s. for more buttplug pictures, I recommend watching this Tumblr blog which I follow with only the very best buttplug pictures:


  1. Everything I ever learned about anal sex I learned by talking to a gay friend of mine. He shared decades of gay knowledge with me and I used it to anally train my wife using a series of buttplugs. She BEGS for anal now. This is fantastic advice.

  2. these girls are really behaving like whore just want to see them getting fucked.

  3. I love for her to leave the rosebud in when I fuck her. I can feel it with my cock while I'm stroking in and out of her pussy... It feels so good. It makes more enjoyable friction for both of us. Also, she likes my cock in her ass as much as her pussy... we have this huge 12 inch cock dildo that I can fuck her in the pussy with while I fuck her ass with my cock..

  4. Ready this is so sexy, and Alicia learning that you were into anal at age 14 is just mind blowing. Just be reading this blog my world is opening up, i just hope to find a girl that is willing to try this.

    P.S. Is there a pic on here with you wearing the plug?

  5. That really is hot and horny. I have read many articles regarding anal penetration and I am quite afraid about shitting on my partner's dick which is really scary.

  6. It excites me just putting a cork in my girlfriend's ass.

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