Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My fetish ideas.

So I thought it would be time to adress a little bit more extreme ideas I have. Now these aren't the most extreme ideas I have, but they're a bit more extreme then the ones I've shared before.

Now all my ideas, are based upon BDSM type relationships. Now BDSM is just something you're into, or not. It's not really something for the light hearted kind of people. Though in almost every sexual relationship these days, you can find some form of BDSM (think about being tied to a bed, being spanked, dirty talking bed, those handcuffs, being treated roughly in bed, etc.), I am really more into a pure form of BDSM.
My ideal relationship would be a 24/7 TPE M/s or D/s. What? Yeah, I know. I know a lot about BDSM. 24/7 TPE M/s or D/s stands for: a 24 hour a day, 7 days a week, total power engagement (means you give total control to someone else) Master/slave or Dominant submissive relationship.
Basicly it means, I'd want to be someone's slave permanent. I prefer a guy, since girls are more romantic and sexy to me. And guys are really more the type of people I like to take control over me. I just love alpha males, but with class.
It means they will have complete control over me. When I masturbate, when I cum, if I may cum, how, what, when where. They can decide what to wear, what to do, who to fuck, basicly they decide everything. The idea that I could get a text message at work, saying I need to go to the toilet, leave the door open, and masturbate to the verge of my orgasm, and then go back to work, drives me crazy.
Yet, there are very few people in the world, into this. And because there are so few people into this, the chances of running into someone who's into this, and fall in love with that same person, are pretty small. So I gave up hope on this long time ago, but it's still there. I just don't ever expect it to experience it exactly the way I want to.

The type of things I'd want to live like, are pretty hard to describe, but I'm gonna try anyway.
I'd love to have a basic set of rules. Now there are many basic slave rules, which all come down to the same thing. A slave must at all time, honor, respect and serve it's Master.
Now you may notice that I constantly write Master and Dominant (or Dom for short) with a capital, and slave and submissive (or sub in short), without. That's because the idea behind it, is that a slave has no right on capitals. And a Master does. A Master is always higher in rank, and has more rights then the slave. That's why slave's don't deserve a capital, and Masters do.
I love these kind of details. I even want to take it one step further, in where I would like to be denied to speak about myself, but only speak about myself in the third person. As if I am not worthy enough of mentioning, even talking about myself.
I love the idea of how a slave is nothing more then a sex object to a Master. A slave is purely there for the Master his entertainment and pleasure, and not for the slave's pleasure. A slave should never have the goal to gain pleasure for itself, but it's only goal should be to pleasure it's Master.

One idea that I would, is to sleep in a cage. The idea of being trapped, having nowhere to go, no other option, degraded to sleep in a cage like a dog, turns me on a little. Especially, when I would combine this, with having dildo's, vibrators, or perhaps even a fucking machine keeping me busy, as I try to fall asleep. Almost like I'm being trained to be a good slut, and trained to be fucked in any hole, even when I'm sleeping.
I also love the idea of how this would keep me on the edge of my orgasm, all night, not allowing me to cum. Constantly being reminded of my submissive position. 

Well, let me know what you think about these ideas so far. If I get enough response on this post, I might even write more ideas about my BDSM wishes and desires.

With submissive kisses,

Alicia Casiraghi


  1. I like your thoughts, the controlling you aspect is very appealing and finding someone that wants to completely submit is rare and then on a 247 basis even rarer.

    The key thing in these kinds of relationships is trust, the slave needs to trust to allow the TPE to happen.

    Your cage fantasy makes me think that you'd enjoy wearing a collar too, leading to one that would be locked in place so you have a constant reminder of what you are.

    Of course along with the collar goes a leash.

    I like you thoughts and would like to hear more.

    1. Collars are mandatory!
      How could one ever even mention BDSM, without thinking about a collar?
      That's like thinking about sex, without getting horny. It's useless!

  2. I love the idea of you being a slut slave would do every think to you . To have such a fuck slave as your self is mosts men most wanted wish. To have you to fuck as and when i wanted would all i would ever need in life . To tease you but never let you cum mmm To punish you if you ever dared , to have friends come and please them selfs with you . you would just be a sex toy that i could lock away and use you when i wanted . Tell us more of your ideas slave

  3. TPE is usually read out as Total Power Exchange. Basically the same thing as PE (power exchange) but the 'Total' part was added when PE got a bit watered out - but TPE have more or less gone the same way.

    I just call it enslavement - Feel the word highlights the ongoing process of becoming a slave and that it's a common process and goal where slave and Master work in the same direction.

    Anyway - good luck in finding a Master, but make sure to find a good and experienced one for this kind of stuff. Some temporarily BDSM scenes anyone sane and that You trust will do, for deeper D/s relationship some experience should be added and for 24/7 M/s allot of experience, both BDSM-experience and life experience, IMHO.

  4. I sure wouldn't mind locking you in cage while watching you masterbate for your freedom. Or tyingyou to machines handcuffed. I would make you good slut I've had lots women submit to my will. I want you submit to how many orgasms I can give you? How many orgasms have you had in day?