Sunday, January 22, 2012

The two most beautiful women in the world

So, what is there to say, after the two most beautiful women in the world gave me their blessing on my blog.
I couldn't be happier. I mean, how many people's blog actually get a visit from the two people they're all about. Of course besides me that is.
I must admit, I'm always a little scared to write things about people I adore and worship. You never know if they like it. So I couldn't be happier after Janessa commented on my blog. And now after Brianna her awesome, sweet and (running out of words here to describe it) tweets, what more could I want?

I am so happy Brianna said those nice things to me. Not only did she gave me the greatest comment on my blog on twitter. She was also incredibly nice about me. Up till this moment, I still can't believe this is really happening to me.
I mean, if you're a huge Brad Pitt and Johhny Depp fan, how would you feel if they both commented on your blog, and dais those nice things about you? That's how I feel after Janessa and Brianna her comments.
Now how do I top that? I mean, those where and are my only two idols. Those are the people I look up to, inspire me. And it also leaves a bit of a question like what's gonna happen next? I feel like MTV could step on the door each minute after this. Ha, it would be nothing compared to the comments I got from the two most beautifull people on the world.

And you know what I noticed about both of them?
The where so incredibly nice and generous. Heck, Brianna even said she was honored to be on my blog.
What the hell! I am honored for her reading it and posting it on her twitter. I am sure she must have thousands of fans posting things of her online, describing her beauty, sex appeal and everything.
All I try to do is try to describe how both those girls make me feel. How beautiful they are, how sexy, gorgeous.
And truly words come too short. Writing things about Brianna or Janessa is incredibly difficult, since there simply aren't enough words to describe them.

Yes, Janessa is beautifull, but that doesn't quite cover it. She's way more then just beautiful. Being beautiful just describes she has a beauty about her. It doesn't tell how incredible sexy she is. It doesn't quite seem to cover her perfect body, which truly is perfect, in every sense of the word.

And yes, Brianna is hot, but she's way more then just that. How do you describe those perfect hips. When she bends, that her pubic area forms the perfect form between her legs. How do you desribe that perfect belly that goes from those pefect tits all the way down to her pubic area. I swear to god, I wasn't lying when I said to Brianna I wanted to lick a trail down that line to her clit. God I would beg to do that.

Writing about both these girls is incredibly difficult, because they are both so incredible. In every sense of the word. They are perfection. I wish more women would look to them, and say: that's what I want to be like.
And not look at Paris Hilton, that god awfull skinny bag of bones. She's got no ass, and I swear where her breasts are, most men got a bigger cup then her. Or Victoria Beckham, another bag of bones.
Why do women look up to these ugly, skinny, bitchy ho's? Why don't they look up more to beautiful women like Brianna or Janessa?
Oh yeah, that's right. Because they go nude!

Janessa and Brianna at their hottest!

So what!? They go nude, because they can! Because they got something to show you!
If those girls would really see what Victoria Beckham had to offer, they would be scared more then appealed by it. And beyond that. Janessa and Brianna really are good people. Very nice, sweet, honest people, with a mind of their own. Not like Paris Hilton (almost wrote Hitler there, grin), who I doubt has any brains at all!
I just can't understand how people can be so blind?
How can they worship these bitches, who got no talent, are either way to skinny, or way too fat (think Kardashian) to be looked up to?
I wish more women had role models like Janessa and Brianna, and perhaps they would even be less shamed of their own nudity. Wouldn't that be great? If all those women would be much more comfortable showing their nudity?
I don't get that anyway? How come it is wrong to be nude, while every celeb these days posts in Playboy?

Both in a Christmas special of Playboy?

That's why I love Janessa and Brianna so much. They're not affraid to go nude. They truly show you what girl power is about. And not that fake ex-spice girl power from Victoria Beckham, which seems to be more about showing you how her bones under her skin looks like.
Hail to Janessa and hail to Brianna! The true goddesses of this world!

With love and kisses to all,

Alicia Casiraghi


  1. LMAO YOOOOOO, U WENT OFF on Becks and Paris!!!! Nahh, but its awesome how ur not wishy-washy in who u admire unlike a lot of the chicks I know. And Janessa and Brianna are two AWESOME females! I've always been a Brianna Frost fan, but Janessa Brazil has me in rapture now.

    1. Well, Becks and Paris are famous because what again?
      Becks used to be in a bubble pop girl band, but was always the bitchy type that really couldn't sing. She's not more famous for being the husband of.
      And Paris is just a spoiled little brat, who's fame only come from a bad produced and shot porn movie.
      I'll take my chances with Janessa and Brianna any time!

      And keep on trucking, I think you'll enjoy Janessa's work almost as much as Brianna's work ;)