Monday, January 23, 2012

Kate's Playground

So, in the pre-Brianna Frost age, my days where spend masturbating to this cutie.
Looking back at it now, this girl is still hot, but not nearly as hot as Brianna Frost or Janessa Brazil.
Her name? Well, she's best know as Kate, and although there's never given a real last name, she also goes under the name of Kate Ground, possibly named after her website Kate's Playground.

For me, this was the first real girl that exploited herself as a webcam model, and did it in her own way.
She did what she wanted, how she wanted, where she wanted. Yet she always seemed to stay a little bit on the softcore side in terms of her videos. Her pics are hot though, as displayed below, but she never seemed to go full throttle in them.

Yes, she does have quite a good looking body. She's very slim, almost Brianna-like, has nice cute boobs, is naughty, but never dirty. And that's where Brianna makes the difference. Brianna is like a fucking storm going through your laptop or pc, Kate always stays cute, and sexy, naughty even, a little bit horny, but never all there. Still I thought it was fun to post one of her videos that got me off lots of times before Brianna and Janessa got around.

Yeah, I know, it isn't much, but I was young, and it was one of the first porn type videos that I saw at the time, so this for me was highly erotic. It still holds up though, although for these days there's probably a little bit too much teasing, and too few action.

After some years of being succesfull on the web however, Kate seemed to fade away on the web. 
I never really knew what happenned to her, as she just seemed to drop to the background. I wonder if she's still in modelling, or got a completely different life these days.
If you know anything about where she is now, and what she does, please let me know.

So here an homage to my first girl crush!

With love and kisses,

Alicia Casiraghi


  1. LOL oh wooooww. Why does the girl who Kate is holding on to look slightly like u? Lol just sayin!

  2. kate is where i started really kno how to analyze thumbs up

  3. I think her real name is Jenise Hetu. i think her first name is Katerina or Katherine, don't remember exactly. But i think she goes by Jenise. Yeah she is sexy.

  4. Je remercie tous mes frères qui ont participé à cette

  5. Kate Ground aka Jenise Hetu is still active but not as much on: her new site.

    Shes turning 28 this year, so she might probably start fading even more :L
    I wonder why she always wears shoes/hides her foot in her videos?

  6. yea i dated a girl that worked with her, shes still making bank of the old stuff.. shes in us now, haha an she wears shoes cause of a lawnmower accident as a child..

  7. I followed Kate since she started around 2003. She could be called the frist Cam Girl. At least she was the first sucessfull one. She made millions. And she made it into fame, apearing - decently dressed, and girliesh on Jay Lenos and other shows that kind) As far as I remember, she never had real sex (With a man) in front of a Camera. But was freely using all kind of toys and vibrators. There was a period when she filmed lesbian clips with well known porno actresses, one of them Raven Riley, and some of the spice girls (NOT the British pop group, but the Colombians, based in Florida) But the lesbian part was not convincing. was acting. She had a partner, and at least one child with him. but her privacy life is well covered and hidden. When having the child (I think she was 24 by then) she dropped for a while from public. But soon regained her former looks and produced new videos for her fans. (Yes, one of her feet was mutilated by an early accident. Thats why she avoids to show both feet without covering) about her actual whereabouts exist various - contradicting - statements. So I dont want to add a next one. I allways admired her. Besides being very erotic, she has personality.