Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Sexual freedom

I know it's been a long time since I've blogged on here, and I'm very sorry to all of my fans for that. I've just been very busy with my studies, and hope that I can pick up my writings more once I've got some more time for it. I've decided to postpone my pornstar career until I've finished my college, for the very simple reason that once I quit my pornstar career it will leave very little options for a different career.
Though all that frustration from studying hard has left my pussy screaming for attention, something I've been trying to kill by fiercely masturbating the fuck out of myself, with the help of all my toys and the occasional toyboys who fuck me from time to time.
Yes people, I'm so to admit it to you, but there are some lucky boys at college who get to pump this slut full of cum over and over again to keep this throbbing wet pussy satisfied. Thinking about it now already gets me fucking wet and horny already again, but that's not what I wanted to talk about.

What I really wanted to talk about is our sexual freedom. As you know I've always been a huge advocate of sexual freedom, exploring your sexuality and just to have fun with sex. Sex is a good thing, many people enjoy, and still too many people these days keep a taboo on. I heard in the UK they're talking about a porn filter, because porn could be damaging to children. I don't know what kind of porn these people are watching, because there is some weird fucked up porn out there, but mainstream porn which is the largest amount on the web, is just good fucking and sucking. I don't think seeing people enjoy sex is damaging to anyone. Porn isn't damaging to children, of course porn needs to be explained by parents so children don't get the wrong idea about things, but other then that I don't see the problem.
I guess the biggest problem these people have is the fact that they have problems with their own sexuality, their shame over it, which they project onto their children and want to 'protect' them from.
Above all I think porn can be a very good thing for children, as children can learn how to have sex from it. Let's be honest, we all watch porn, and we've all learned from it. If not how to do it, then we learned from it what our ow sexual interests and sexual desires are. Porn helps you define your sexual identity.

Porn helped me figure out I'm one horny nympho slut
But the last few years I've seen prohibitionist taking control over everything sex related, taking us back into those dark ages where sex was still a taboo. Feminists, Christian groups, other prohibitionists who have trouble with their own sexuality and want to turn their problem into our problem by prohibiting things for us.
But one of the things that has bugged me most about this 'new wind' waiving through Europe, is that one about sexworkers. Prostitutes, escorts, call girls, they are all sexworkers, and according to the prohibitionists, they're all victims of modern slavery.
The modern slavery they're talking about is human trafficking, or forced prostitution. All we hear now about these days, is how many women are supposedly forced into prostitution. And under the pretense of protecting these women, many European countries have started to ban prostitution (yes, making clients of prostitutes is also banning prostitution). Even in Amsterdam, not too far away from my hometown, the famous Red Light District is slowly being reduced by closing down windows, under the pretense of protecting those women working there. I've never understood how this would help, but they claimed it would.

Lately though I've come across a blog of a real prostitute working in the Red Light District in Amsterdam. She writes in English about all the things happening in her industry, and about the myths and truths about her job. From reading it I've learned a lot about what those girls experience, the discrimination, the stigmatization, the struggle for the rights that the rest of us have.
When I started this blog, besides writing erotic stories and turn myself and other people on, I wanted to teach people about sexuality. Let them explore their own sexual identity. I hope I have succeeded in some cases. In my opinion a prostitute does the same thing, they allow people to search for their sexual identity, by providing sexual services that perhaps their wives or girlfriends won't do, or perhaps because they don't have anyone to experience them with.

Another reason why I care so much about the rights of these women, is because of the fact that prostitutes and pornstars are both sexworkers. The only difference between a pornstar and a prostitute is the evolvement of a camera, but both groups are people who get paid for sex. I wanted, and still want to become a pornstar one day when I finish college. I've got plenty of offers, and for the most part I've made my choice already about with whom, when and where. All I have to do is finish my college first, it's something I want.
But what if they start to target porn after prostitution? What if the people who want to make prostitution illegal, will take just one small step further, and will try to abolish porn? Like I said, both pornstars and prostitutes are sexworkers, so it's a small step. And I don't want people to decide for me, or for anyone for that matter, what they can or cannot do. And right now, there are people telling women (funny, since also men can be sexworkers, but still they only aim at men) they can't have sex with people for money. Yet when they fuck for free it's okay.

So to support my fellow sexworkers in the prostitution industry, I want to share with you the blog of one prostitute, one who writes incredibly good about her work, and will take away all your prejudices about prostitution. Still too many people think prostitutes are 'low life' people, yet they will stand in line for their favorite pornstar. No! Prostitutes deserve every bit of respect and adoration pornstars receive.
So read the words of a prostitute herself, and rid yourself of our predjucis about prostitution, human trafficking and all the false claims people make about girls being forced into prostitution:

I support sexworkers!

With love to all my fans and all prostitutes,

Alicia Casiraghi

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

50 Shades of Alicia

My fans my know this already, but for those who visit my blog for the first time, I was kinky before it became cool. Because with the succes of 50 Shades of Grey coming out, it almost seems like every ordinary house-wife thinks she can be kinky.
True enough, everybody in my opinion should try out kinky things, to see if it's something for them. But when people who've never had the urge for this, all of the sudden think they can be kinky, just because they read a book they liked, than think again. 
I guess being kinky and being into BDSM kind of things, is just like loving a particular kind of movie genre. Some movie genres you love, others you hate, some you don't care about. Of course it can happen that sometimes you see a movie from a genre you normally don't like, but switching from not caring or hating it to loving every movie from the genre seems a bit weird to me. What women who read the 50 Shades of Grey should understand, is that BDSM is a lifestyle. It's not just some play time for people who are bored with their sexlife. It's a complete lifestyle, one that people life also without the sex. And living this lifestyle is not for everyone.

Unfortunately many women out there all of the sudden now think they can be kinky and can become a slave. BDSM toys are being remarked as 50 Shades of Grey sets, toys that 10 years ago where only strictly for the kinksters amongst us, now all of the sudden find their way into the hands of bored house-wifes.
Now this may sound like I'm complaining about people discovering their kinky side, but I'm not. If you really feel like BDSM is the lifestyle for you, than by all means go for it. But in my opinion most of the women who read the 50 Shades of Grey book, aren't really kinky. They just lack a good sexlife, and in order to spice it up, they read books like this. To all those women who just wanted to spice up your sexlife, I'd like to say thew following. Because no matter if you try to spice up your sexlife with a book like 50 Shades, if your sexlife needs spicing up, perhaps there's nothing wrong with your sexlife, but more with your relationship. Because in the end, if you really love someone, and your relationship is good, your sexlife doesn't need any spicing up. You get turned on by the person you love, because you love him or her. If not, you're not just bored with your sexlife, but you're bored with your partner. BDSM doesn't help your sexlife at all, in fact, it puts your sexlife and your relationship with that person to the test. If your relationship was bad to begin with, it will just get worse. This simply happens because to engage in BDSM, you really need to have a 100% trust in someone, without it, it will never work. I fear that most house-wifes who will try this out, will end up breaking up with their partners, simply because it becomes more apparent what's wrong with their relationship, namely not their sexlife, but their relationship itself.

Now I have to be honest, that I haven't read the whole book, but only read sections of it, but what I did notice was that it was very poorly written, and the 'kinky' things really wheren't that kinky.
If you really want to know what it means to be someone's slave, to be really kinky and submissive in the BDSM lifestyle, than check out the next video:

Now if this video was scarring you, than BDSM is NOT your lifestyle. If this video did turn you on, than perhaps you should read my 'Handbook for Girls' to get a little bit of a good idea of what awaits you, and if you really are as kinky as you think you are.
My bet is, that most house-wifes will be scarred shit, because it won't fit within their 'romantic' version of BDSM as they read in 50 Shades. To be very honest, I thought the book was for pussies, especially if you compare it with some of the stuff (or actually most of the stuff) I wrote here on my blog.

Do you really think you're kinky? Than read most of my blogposts, and find out if you're kinky enough for me. Otherwise, go back to your 50 Shades, because you know nothing of BDSM, it's lifestyle or it's meaning. BDSM isn't just a play thing to do, it's a lifestyle, it's who you are, not something you can pretend to be. If you want to read my Handbook for Girls, you can download it here for free (it's a PDF file, which contains no viruses): http://www.aliciacasiraghi.com/Handbook.pdf

I hope I cleared up some things for all those people that read the book, and perhaps even safe a marriage here and there. Because remember, BDSM is ALL about safety! Let nobody else tell you anything different!

With love and kisses to all my kinksters out there,

Alicia Casiraghi

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Alicia's Slave Training

It's been so long since I wrote a fantasy, that I decided to really spend time thinking and writing a good story if I was gonna write one. And well, this is what turned up. It's a lot of teasing, but than of course in my own kinky way. I wanted to incorporate this time a little bit more orgasm denial and also some electro, since I haven't done that much (at least, not that I can remember, but heck, I already wrote more than 250 posts, so I really don't know anymore). So expect this fantasy to be really kinky, sexy, teasing and have lots of BDSM elements in it, mix with some humiliation (which I love). Enjoy:

It is a friday afternoon around two thirty and Alicia is on her way to her masters house. They are meeting at three and she is right on schedule. At that moment she gets a text message telling her to get 4 packs of AAA batteries, Duracell not the cheap kind, and don’t be late. Being the good little slut he has taught her to be she immediately goes to the nearest store and buys them without questioning why. Constantly checking the time she noticed buying the batteries took longer then expected so she’s changing her pace from walking to running, a feat not easily accomplished in her high heels. She is almost at her masters house, but it is almost three as well so she picks up the pace once more. Exhausted she rings the doorbell at exactly three. The door opens as she catches her breath and she enters the house. In the hallway she starts to undress until she is completely naked. No clothes beyond the hallway is a strict rule. Naked she crawls to the bathroom and starts taking a shower, shaves any unwanted body hair and gives herself an enema. She dries of puts her hair in a high ponytail and applies some light make up. Now she is clean inside out and can she present herself to her master. She crawls into the living room holding the plastic bag containing the batteries with her teeth. She takes her place at his side as she kneels with her knees spread apart as far as possible, her hands on her back and looking at the ground. For five minutes she sits there anticipating what her master has in store for her. The minutes are ticking away and her mind starts to wonder off. Suddenly she feels his hand pulling her head back by her ponytail as his other hand takes the bag out of her mouth. ‘Good little slut’, he says, ‘now open your whore mouth.’ She opens her mouth as far as she can and sticks her tongue out. Again for minutes nothing happens and her master disappears into the other room. Her mouth and tongue start to cramp up and she really has to fight to keep them open the way master wants. When her master returns he shows her the hemp rope she’s going to be bound with. He ties her hands firmly on her back with a boxtie that also squeezes her tits and runs a rope pinching her nipples. Alicia feels the ropes around her wrists, arm and tits. Every time she moves her nipples get pinched so she is trying to sit as still as possible. Her master is standing right in front of her now. Her mouth is inches away from his crotch. He unzips his pants and drops them. ‘Now suck my cock’ he tells her. She is eager to start but her master is still wearing his boxers. Not being able to use her hands she tries to take off the boxers with her mouth. It takes her several tries and she’s getting frustrated by her failing. He slaps her in the face and tells her to try harder. When she finally succeeds she starts sucking her masters cock really deep and fast as if she wants to make up for lost time.

He suddenly pulls away. Spit is dripping from her mouth onto her breasts and down to her soaking wet
pussy. A ring gag is firmly place in her mouth and she feels the straps digging into the skin in her cheeks. It is the biggest gag she can handle so her mouth is stretched to the maximum and also big enough to fit her masters dick. He grabs her ponytail and starts fucking her throat, gagging her every 30 seconds for about a minute of five. Gasping for air she hears her master say ‘Inspection’. She immediately lays on her back and pulls her legs all the way over her head, a position that is difficult to maintain when she is laying on her boxtied arms. Her pussy and ass are now completely exposed. Her master kneels before her pussy and rubs his fingers over her labia and ass to she if she is smoothly shaven. Any hairs found will be taken out individually with tweezers so Alicia really hopes she got them all. Near her clit she missed a couple of hairs and she feels the sting of them being pulled out. Some fast, some really slow. She feels two fingers sliding deep in her pussy. As the fingers slide deep in and out her pussy all the way to her clit and back in again, she feels her pussy throbbing and getting wetter and wetter. ‘You are a wet little whore aren’t you?’ he asks. Alicia answers with a soft gagged voice: ‘Only for you master’. His hand pulls away from her pussy and slides down to her asshole. Two fingers slide in deep in her ass and after a couple of deep slides the fingers pull out. ‘Now let’s see if you cleaned your ass properly’ she hears her master say as he wipes his finger with a white tissue. ‘Clean. Good little slut. Now get ready to get fucked’ he says with a stern voice. Alicia immediately turns over on her belly, her arms bound behind her back so she really doesn’t have a choice but to use her head for balance. Alicia spreads her legs legs shoulder width and she sticks her ass up as high as she can. As soon as she is in position she feels a hand touching her pussy. ‘Still not wet enough I want your pussy dripping wet’ her master says. ‘Sorry master’, Alicia says. She feels her ass being struck by her masters cane again and again. Her ass and the back of her legs are showing little welts of where her masters cane struck her. Alicia’s pussy reacts as it should to her masters attention and gets so wet that any moment she will start dripping. The moment the first drop hits the floor her master rams his cock deep inside her pussy. Alicia’s nipples are squeezed even more now that her master is grabbing her boxtie for more grip. He rams deep in and out of her for a couple of minutes before he pulls out. Alicia feels three fingers sliding into her wet cunt. Her master pulls the finger out of her pussy and starts lubricating her ass with the fluids on his fingers. Alicia feels the tip of her masters dick pressing against her tight little asshole. With one deep stroke her master enters her ass balls deep and starts fucking her roughly. This continues until she feels him cumming in her ass. He pulls out and walks away leaving her on her knees, hands bound, face drooling and gagged on the floor waiting for what’s to come.

Alicia is still on her knees on the floor, she still feels the cum inside her ass and her face is laying in a pool of her own drool. Her master is busy in the other room and he is bringing stuff into the living room. She can’t see what as she is facing a wall. Alicia hears things being put on the table, chains, locks and something other that’s obviously metal. After a good thirty minutes her master grabs her by the hair. ‘Did you drool all over my floor? Now clean it up!’ her master says. Still wearing a ring gag she tries to lick it up, but she is drooling even more that way. Her master returns with the thong she was wearing on her way over. Alicia gets her hair pulled hard and her master cleans up the puddle of drool with her thong. The thong has absorbed most of her drool and is soaking wet. Alicia is focussing on the pain that her pulled hair causes that she is surprised when she feels her thong being shoved in her mouth. As her master let’s go of her hair he starts to unbind her boxtie. Finally free she is allowed to stretch her arms and move her upper body a bit. Her master walks over to the table and starts unpacking the batteries she bought. Alicia looks around and she sees a dog cage, collar, inflatable gag, leather straps, chains and locks laying out before her. Her master says: ‘Well little slut, let’s see how long you can endure in the dog cage.’ He puts the heavy collar around her neck and locks it down. Alicia can’t really move her head because of this because the collar is very high stretching her neck a bit. Next her master is applying leather straps around her wrists, upper arms, waist, upper legs and ankles. All the straps are securely locked and have chains attached to them. Alicia is on all fours as she feels her masters cane strike her ass hard.‘Now get in the cage bitch’, says her master continuing to hit her ass with the cane. Alicia crawls into the cage. Her master starts to secure her tightly in the cage. Her collar gets attached tightly with four chains. Alicia tries to move her head but it almost won’t move at all. Also the strap around her waist is securely chained to both sides of the cage. Next her wrists, arms, legs and ankles are secured to the cage. Alicia is on hands and knees now and almost completely immobilized. Her legs are spread to the maximum width the cage allows and it is impossible for her to close them now. She has never felt so vulnerable. Her master is standing in front of her showing her five rods. ‘Now let’s make sure you’re not moving at all you fucking whore’, he says as she feels one rod being shoved through the sides of the cage pressing on the back of her knees. Another rod goes in the bend of her thighs and she feels the weight of her body pressing on her hip bones. The third rod makes sure her lower back is arched down and she feels her pussy and ass become more exposed. The fourth rod goes above her tits and pressing her armpits up and finally the fifth rod is placed behind her elbows preventing her from bending her arms. Alicia tries to move but she is completely immobilized now and her body is stretched yet comfortable. Her master opens the front latch of the cage and removes the thong from her mouth. Because of the position she is in she can only see straight ahead. Alicia sees her master laying the sixteen AAA batteries on the floor before her. Next she sees him laying eight vibrating eggs next to the batteries. One by one he is replacing the batteries and he says to her: ‘See now slut why you had to go and get batteries?’ Alicia answers with the gagged version of: ‘Yes master’. The remotes for the eggs are now taped to a small piece of cardboard. ‘This is my slut control panel’, her master says with a grin on his face. Alicia sees her master leave her sight and hears him taping something to the top of the cage. Her Master again appears in her field of vision holding a latex thong which is obviously a size too small. He opens the thongs side with the straps that are attached to it. ‘Shall we start whore?’, he askes her without really asking. He moves out of sight and she feels him behind her and not long after that she feels the first egg being shoved deep into her pussy, a second egg follows fast. The next four eggs are being shoved in her ass after which the last two eggs disappear into her pussy. The latex thong is being securely fastened and is really tight. Alicia hears the caged door behind her being shut and locked. Her master walks in front of her in his hands he has a blindfold. The last thing Alicia sees is the leather blindfold covering her eyes and in darkness she waits what is coming. The latch in front of her closes.

Alicia hears her master walking around and watching television and getting ready for something. She is trying to move her body but to no effect. She feels the eggs inside her ass and cunt but so far they have not been turned on. Alicia is startled when all of a sudden her master hits her cage with a chain. ‘Okay you little slut let’s begin. I’m going to turn on your the eggs inside your whore body for as long as those brand new batteries last and you better not come or make a goddamn sound.’, her master says. One by one the eggs start to vibrate inside her body, some fast, some slow. ‘Now you are going to be here for a while, so you better get comfortable and I have also invited some friends over to play with my little slut control panel so you better be on your best behavior’, Alicia hears her master say. Ten minutes later Alicia hears the doorbell and immediately afterwards she hears voices and laughter. People are walking around her cage and some are touching the remotes varying the speed of the eggs. Alicia is trying her best to be quit and not to come but with all the changes it is really difficult, not to say damn near impossible. People are using her cage as a table to put their drinks on and Alicia feels the spills dripping on her body and not being able to move this is also a kind of added torture. Alicia starts to scream and moan when one of the guests turns up all the eggs to maximum vibration. ‘Didn’t I tell you to be quit? You stupid slut.’, her master reprimands her as she tries to apologize. She feel a rubber ball being shoved in her mouth and she knows this is the inflatable gag she remembers seeing earlier. Slowly her mouth gets filled as the ball inflates and the the noises she makes are now muffled. The party continues for another half an hour and Alicia hears everybody getting ready to leave. The gag is deflated after the eggs have been set in a low setting and her blindfold removed. ‘You’ve been a good slut so far, but I can’t have you making too much noise after we are gone.’ her master says. Alicia promises her master she will be his good little slut and do whatever he pleases as she tries to plea for mercy. ‘I know, but think of this as a precaution. If you are quit it won’t affect you at all.’ he reassures her. Her master pinches her nipples and after that he stick two electrode patches on each nipple. A piece of electrical tape running across her breast and over her back makes sure they stay in position. The end of the electrodes her master plugs into a box. ‘See this box Alicia, this box reacts to sound. The more sound you make, the bigger the shock to your nipples will be. So you have to really be quite because once you start shocking yourself you usually keep making noise resulting in more and heavier shocks.’ her master explains as he holds the black box with blinking lights in front of her eyes. Alicia sees that the box is placed in front of her and held in position with duct tape. As her master is programming the correct setting she sees the level lights go up and down. Her master increases the sensitivity so much that if she is breathing really heavy she already starts to feel her nipples tingle. As her master closes her cage the noise produced by this already shocks her nipples but Alicia stays quite. Also when her master turn up the vibration on her eggs, all a different setting, she keeps quit. Her master kneels in front of her and whispers ‘have a good time my little slut and remember no noise and don’t you dare to cum’. Then he gets up and walks out the door, slamming the door on his way out shocking her.

Alicia is trying to fight the orgasm and she is really trying not to make any noise. Her body is also starting to hurt from being in the same position for a couple of hours now. Every once in a while she releases a controlled moan shocking her own nipples. It hurts but she needs to release tension somehow. She has completely lost track of time and it seems she has been in her cage for days now. She is totally focussed inwards controlling her pending orgasms and trying to be as quite as possible. Tears start dripping down her cheeks and she hopes her master will be home soon. After a while and she has no idea how long she hears a key in the front door. It opens and she hears her masters footsteps walking towards her cage. ‘How is my whore doing here?’ he says with with a loud voice shocking her nipples really hard. She moans and begs him to please turn of the shocks accepting the being shocked while talking to her master. His finger slides into the cage and turns of the box. Alicia sees the lights go dark and she thanks her master. ‘Tell me honestly, how many times did my little whore cum?’, he asks her. Alicia answers that she has been a good little whore and didn’t come once. ‘Is that so?’, her master says. As he turns on all the eggs to maximum he says: ‘Let’s see how good you are at not coming.’ Alicia feels all the eight eggs vibrating in her overstimulated pussy and ass and her eyes look frightful as she is trying to fight off her orgasm. Begging and pleading with her master to please let her cum or turn off the eggs. Her master is quite and looks deep into her eyes. ‘Do you really think you deserve to come?’, he asks her. Alicia answers that she has been a good little whore, has done everything master asked of her and she really needs to cum because she can barely hold off her orgasm. ‘All right then’, her master says, ‘you may count down out loud from ten and then cum.’ Alicia starts to count down: ‘Ten....nine....eight....seven...six..five..four.three’. At two her master turns off all the eggs, throws a cloth over Alicia’s cage says goodnight and goes to bed.

So that's it untill now. I don't know if I'm gonna write a second part to this, or if I'm just gonna let you guys and girls run your own imagination on what happens the next day. I sometimes find it better to leave the end open, so people can use their own imagination on how things end, and sometimes it's better than any end anyone can write. Or maybe I'll get a lot of requests from people on Twitter and Facebook for a second part, and I'll write a sequel to this one. But for now I hoped you all enjoyed it boys and girls (yes, I know you dirty girls also read my posts).

With lots of love for my fans,

Alicia Casiraghi

Saturday, June 1, 2013


The moneyshot of every porn movie. The climax of every male erotic fantasy. The crown on a man's hard work. A cumshot.
No matter what pornmovie you watch, there's always a cumshot in it. Now I know that most of you think a cumshot is just a facial, but I'd like to see it in a wider perspective. For me a cumshot is any shot in a porn movie, or in real life for that matter, that shows sperm in one way or another.
Since I’m a huge cumaddict, and I love cum, I thought it would be fun (and a little bit of a turn on), to take you guys through the different types of cumshots that exists  If you think at the end of this blog that I’ve missed one cumshot, please let me know so I can add it to this post.
So here we go:

The facial
The most typical type of cumshot. Just nutting on a girls face, shooting your sperm all over her pretty little face. It’s almost like a dog marking his territory. You shoot your load of cum on a girls face, just to mark her off that you've used her. I love this idea. Most other women don’t however. I understand their reasons why they don’t like it, because let’s be fair, having someone dump a load of shampoo like cream on your face while you’re not under the shower is not the best thing in life. But I think those women could enjoy it if they had a different philosophy about it. Because yes it’s sticky, it gets everywhere, you have to clean your face afterwards etc. But (!) when a women does do it, for a man it’s more like she loves you so much, she would even let her face be plastered by his manhood (reading his sperm), and she would still love him. And let’s face it women. There are worst things in the world besides getting a facial. So just close your eyes, open up your mouth, and let your man enjoy his work of art. And there’s also an upside to it! Sperm is actually full of protein, and very good for the skin. Maybe this is the reason why women who are in a relationship have not so much acne as women without a man. The women with a man get their daily facial, to keep their face pretty, and women without a man can’t. Plus it’s a lot cheaper than those dum creams anyway, and it’s eatable too!

The swallow
This is almost the same as a facial, but of course there’s a smaller target here. In stead of aiming for the whole face, you could also aim for the most logical place on the face to put that load of goo. The mouth.
And of course if you're aiming for the mouth, it's most logical to swallow it. Girls who spit the goo are just rude. It's like they're not accepting their man, like they reject him. So never, ever, ever spit the precious cum out girls! The swallow is probably the most popular thing in porn. I cannot imagine that there's any man in the world that doesn't like it if his girl swallow his cum. It has love written all over it. Therefore it's the most popular type of shot in porn. And who doesn't love a cumswallowing girl, right? I mean, it both proves she's willing, sleazy, slutty, submissive, accepting and loving at the same time.
In my experience, a girl who swallows the goo is worth gold. A good cumswallower will never have her man leave her for the sex. So it's almost a guarantee to keep her man with her if she swallows. Plus it's full of protein, so it's healthy too! And besides being healthy, it's a lot less messier than a facial. No mess to clean up, just one gulp down the hatch and it's gone. It's clean, quick and well appreciated. Which also makes it a good choice in more public places.

The cream pie
All good and nice all those different types of cumshots, but there's only one true place the cum was meant to go, and that's in the pussy. And that's exactly what the cream pie is, that moneyshot of the sperm dripping from the pussy of a girl. Nothing says quite 'I love you' than nutting inside a girl, and filling her up with your cream. And it's obvious the same thing goes for the girl. A lot of girls like this, since it also feels good for them. Nothing is hotter than feeling some warm, slow, sticky substance being shoot deep inside your pussy. I can actually get an orgasm from just that feeling. 
Feeling the cum afterwards dripping out, is almost better than feeling my own cuntjuices dripping out of my pussy, and I know there are many women that agree with me on that. There's something incredibly sexy and horny about feeling a man's cum dripping slowly out of your cunt. Or even better, into your thong when you're wearing it, so you can feel that sticky cum press against your pussy all day long. I'm getting chills as I think about it. Also a good idea is having someone else lick the cum from your pussy, and perhaps even swap it with the before swallowing. Or maybe even better, letting it drip out on a glass plate, and licking it up 
yourself. Damn guys, I'm getting dripping wet just thinking about it already!

The anal cream pie
For people who wanna take things to the next level, and do it a little nastier, there's of course the anal cream pie. For some kind of reason men seem obsessed with anal sex, I don't know why, but I like it. Shame so many other don't like it. Yeah, it's pain in the beginning, but then again, so was the piercing, tattoo or earring you took, so what the fuck are you complaining about girls?! Just take the pain in the beginning, and enjoy the enourmas pleasure of anal sex afterwards. Because yes, it's worth it! It's totally worth the pain in the beginning to have anal sex. Because after it, you'll thank me, because you'll experience sex that may even be better sometimes than just vaginal fucking. 
But back to the cream pie part of this. I guess once you're into anal sex, it's almost as good as a vaginal cream pie. It's not as good as the vaginal cream pie, because that just feels better, warmer and hotter for some reason, but no worries, an anal cream pie still feels incredibly good. Again of course you could also let have someone licking it out of your ass, which is kinda nasty, but on the other hand feels so good. A warm wet tongue, caressing your tiny little asshole, as the warm, sticky cum is dripping out of it feels soooooo hot! Yes guys, I know, because I've had my girlfriend lick the cum out of my ass, before cumswapping it together, and I've also done the same thing to her. And it's just incredibly nasty, sleazy, slutty, but also so hot, sexy and horny! 

Now it's time for you boys and girls. Let me know what your favorite type of cumshot is, and why. Post a comment here, post it on Facebook, Tweet it, Tumblr it, whatever I don't care, but I wanna know what you like and why. And please, juicy details and experiences are very welcome, they get me wet as well.

With love and kisses,

Alicia Casiraghi

Monday, May 27, 2013

Beautifully kinky

Now I've seen lots of hot webcam videos. Some are simple, but stunning, some are kinky and therefore very much of a turn on, but few have both. Take this video for instance. The girl itself is already hot enough just to watch without her doing anything special at all. But she's kinky enough to take it to the next level, and put on a collar with some nipple clamps attached to it. A truly kinky hot video.

Now, before I talk more about nipple clamps and the desire to see more hot models do kinkier things, just enjoy the video first:

So, you got my point right? No matter who you are, or what kind of things you're into, I think anyone can appreciate this video and get turned on by it. That's also why I don't really understand why there are more videos like this. Or maybe I have one explanation  The models themselves are too scarred to do this. Which is not such a weird thing, because wearing nipple clamps, or doing other kinky stuff does require some nerve and you have to dare to do this. 

Still I wish more models would do this. They don't have to get all extreme like for instance on the Kink.com websites, but a little bit kinkier would be enough. I mean, who wouldn't like to see this girl with this outfit (as far as we can talk about an outfit here), in a gonzo movie with a beautiful facial at the end, or see her submissively swallow one or two loads of sticky cum, right?
I think there could be a large fan-base for a kinky oriented glamour website that offers the most beautiful porn models in the industry doing some kinky things. It doesn't have to be all BDSM style, but just a little flavor of it added to it. I mean, loads of pornstars have a clitpiercing. Who wouldn't love to see a pornvideo start with a beautiful pornstar being lead by a chain on her clitpiercing, kneeling down to suck a cock, and tucked a little bit when she needs to change position. I mean, it's kinky enough to satisfy the kinky BDSM styled people, yet casual enough to please the mainstream audience, without scarring them off with too extreme things.

There are few big pornstars that have done this so far. They took it a little bit further than just normal porn. Sasha Grey is a good example. A pornstar that did it all, including shoot videos with Kink.com, where's she was completely humiliated, degraded, fucked and abused in hardcore BDSM style. Yet, she also did the normal porn stuff, like gonzo and more glamour kind of porn.

So share this post on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook etc. if you agree with me, and would like to see more videos like this one above. And if anyone can find out who this girl is, please leave a comment on this post.

With love and kisses,

Alicia Casiraghi

Monday, April 29, 2013

A sensual massage

Who wants to give me a sensual massage?
Who doesn't like a massage. Well, I certainly do, and so do a lot of other people. But of course a massage can be much more than just a way to relax your muscles, it can also be a very sensual massage. Sensual massages are a great way to get in the mood for some hot steamy sex.But how do you do a good massage? Well, here are some good tips:

DO: Create a calm, distraction-free environment. Keep your cell phones out of the room entirely and leave the television off. The focus should be on the massage, nothing else. Instead, opt for soft, calming music to set the mood.

DON'T: Set up on the bed. Massage surfaces should be firm but comfortable, so create a soft area on the floor for your partner to lie upon.

DO: Consider the temperature. The perfect temperature is about 75 degrees. You want it to be warm enough for your partner to be totally comfortable when uncovered. The best way to know for sure is to ask if it is warm enough, and if not, turn up the heat until it is.

DON'T: Leave your jewelry on. Watches, rings, bracelets — remove them all to avoid skin-pinching snafus. And while you're at it, it might be a good time to trim your fingernails.

DO: Use oil. A little bit of lubrication goes a long way towards making a massage truly sensual. But avoid going overboard. You want your partner to feel your touch and the sensation of your skin and warmth against their skin, not just the sensation of oil dripping down their sides. When it comes to selecting the type of oil, use those specifically designed for massage, like Durex Massage & Play Soothing Touch. Avoid using any petroleum-based oil or one with heavy perfumes that could potentially irritate sensitive areas. I like to use oil that can be safely ingested, especially because kissing may be involved.

DON'T: Pour that oil directly onto your partner’s skin. Cold shock, much? Instead, pour the oil into your hands and allow your own body warmth to bring it to the proper temperature before rubbing it into your partner’s back.

DO: Vary your massage strokes. A little repetition is alright, but you certainly don't want it to get boring. You're not trying to lull your partner to sleep. Instead see what your partner truly enjoys. When you find a stroke that gets a particularly good response from your partner, you may want to repeat that one, or come back to it often.

DON'T: Treat your partner like a punching bag. Percussion is an important part of any massage, but beware of the dreaded "karate chop" that can ensue; too much pressure can cause a lot of pain. To soften the blow, lay one hand flat on your partner’s back, then strike your fist upon the flat hand to absorb the initial shock.

DO: Focus on tension areas. Women tend to experience tension more in their neck and shoulders; men in their lower backs.

DON'T: Apply pressure to the spine or back below the ribs. Your kidneys are unprotected and don't need to take a beating.

DO: Have plenty of towels handy. We mentioned oil, and the more the better; just beware that it can get messy (another reason to stay off the bed, folks!).

DON'T: Insist upon a massage in return. Clapping your hands together and saying, "Me next!" is bad massage etiquette. Instead, think of a sensual massage as a slow tease. You want the pleasure and anticipation to build. What happens next is totally up to you.

To get you all a little bit of an idea of how this all could end if you do the massage good, watch the next hot video:

Anway, have fun and keep it playfull, and I hope you all enjoyed the video!

With love and sensual kisses,

Alicia Casiraghi

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Cum injected

I was just kinda scrolling through the internet, looking for some nice webcam videos of hot young sexy girls masturbating with toys, when I came across this video. I know this video already, since it comes from one of the pornmovies I have at home, but I never thought about looking it up on the internet.

Anyway, the reason why I'm sharring this with you guys is because I just love Jasmine Byrne. She's a total cumslut (as you can read in my blogpost 'Cumslut on this blog), and she thouroughly enjoys having men cum in all her holes. This is one of her best scenes. I haven't seen much new stuff from her though or a while, which is sad, because she's an awesome pornstar with very few limits. So if anyone has any good videos of her, please share. Because you know: sharring is carring!

The thing I love the most about Jasmine, is her willingness to be playfull and have fun receiving cum. So many women out there treat cum like it's the worst thing in the world. Jasmine proves that it's not, and the men love her for it. So show this to your girlfriend, your fuckbuddy, your one-night-stand, and tell her this is the way men like their women. Hot, horny and cumaddicted. Enjoy the video:

I hope you guys all enjoyed this video. And if you where just wondering if I would ever do this kind of porn, the answer is simple: Hell yes! I would love to be pumped full of cum, having cum injected in me, like I'm some kind of cumdumpster. Use me like your cumbucket. And when you're finished masturbating to this video, please share with me on Twitter your hot webcam videos of girls masturbating.

With love and kisses,

Alicia Casiraghi